At least 216,168,699 doses of coronavirus vaccines have been administered around the world, data from 109 locations show.

After a year of breakneck research into more than 230 vaccine candidates, seven coronavirus vaccines are now in use in at least one country. Israel has been the fastest to roll out inoculations. More than a third of its population have already received at least one dose of vaccine.

The numbers shown here are updated frequently, using data compiled by the Our World in Data project at the University of Oxford as well as national data sources from some countries.

Vaccine rollouts in advanced economies are largely outpacing those in emerging and developing economies — even in countries with similar death rates. Officials at the World Health Organization have warned that the world is on the brink of “catastrophic moral failure” as poor countries fall behind. Left unchecked, the virus could also mutate into strains that existing vaccines do not protect against.


Vaccination data shown here is compiled by Our World in Data, with the following exceptions:

Unless otherwise stated, population figures used to adjust data come from the World Bank. Population data for Anguilla; Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba; the Falkland Islands, and Western Sahara come from the United Nations Population Division. Data for Eritrea comes from the World Health Organisation. Local sources are used for: Cyprus, Guernsey, Jersey, Moldova, Taiwan, the UK, the US and Vatican City.

Countries are classified as "advanced economies" or "emerging market and developing economies" with the groupings from the International Monetary Fund’s World Economic Outlook.

Help us improve these charts: We are always looking for any further sources of national, regional or municipal vaccination data that are not already shown in the table above. If you know of an official source of this data for your area, please email

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Correction: Due to a technical error, this page briefly displayed incorrect values for the total vaccine doses administered in Portugal on January 25. At that time Portugal had distributed 255,699 doses.

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