Where do the EU Structural Funds go?

Use the search box below to query the EU structural funds database.


How to search:
- This database search looks for all matches of exact words in the EU fund project titles, beneficiaries and descriptions.
- At this stage, it distinguishes between accents, so searching for Punta Umbria Turistica gives different results to Punta Umbría Turística (note the accent on the "i"s).
- You can translate search words to look for key words in other languages - so having searched for council, you can search for council in any of the 23 EU languages.

For more information on the data please read our Methodology page, or contact eufunding@ft.com

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Latest changes:
Dec 2: updated the csv download to xls download, using tabs rather than comma delimiters.
Dec 7: new search interface, more relevant results