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The Cult of the Amateur by Andrew Keen

The Cult of the Amateur

Keen would like to be the P.J. O’Rourke of Web 2.0. His style is knockabout polemic, and he has plenty of ammunition for his tirade. — Read the complete FT review


In the Web 2.0 revolution, audience and author have become one and we are transforming culture into cacophony. MySpace and Facebook are creating a youth culture of digital narcissism, open-source sites like Wikipedia are undermining the authority of teachers in the classroom, and anonymous blogs and amateur content are deafening today’s youth to the voices of informed experts and professional journalists. So claims Andrew Keen, leading contemporary critic of the Internet, ‘the Antichrist of Silicon Valley’. Keen reveals how an avalanche of amateur content is threatening our values, economy, and ultimately innovation and creativity itself, and offers concrete solutions on how we can challenge the digital utopians and rein in the assault.