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Wizard of Lies by Diana Henriques

Wizard of Lies

Cogent and well researched, The Wizard of Lies is an engaging narrative that brings together much of the information that has emerged since Madoff confessed in December 2008. — Read the complete FT review


Since the news broke of Bernie Madoff’s $65 billion Ponzi scheme, many have speculated about how he did it. But no reporter has been able to get the full story - until now. Based on unprecedented access to Madoff, including extensive correspondence and his first interviews for publication since his arrest, and more than 100 interviews with people at all levels and on all sides of the crime, award-winning reporter Diana Henriques provides the ultimate inside story.

This true-life financial thriller is packed with dramatic scenes from Madoff’s accelerating slide towards self-destruction, heartbreaking details of the disasters that followed, and clear lessons for investors in the future.