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The New Climate War by Michael Mann

The New Climate War

In this thought-provoking book, one of the best-known climate scientists argues that outright denial of climate science has been replaced by a softer, more insidious war on climate action. If you think vegan diets and flight-shaming alone will solve the climate problem, rather than the broad, systemic measures “inactivists” fear, this book may make you think again. — Read the complete FT review


Recycle. Fly less. Eat less meat. These are some of the ways that we’ve been told we can save the planet. But are individuals really to blame for the climate crisis?

Seventy-one per cent of global emissions come from the same hundred companies, but fossil-fuel companies have taken no responsibility themselves. Instead, they have waged a thirty-year campaign to blame individuals for climate change. The result has been disastrous for our planet.

In The New Climate War, renowned scientist Michael E. Mann argues that all is not lost. He draws the battle lines between the people and the polluters – fossil-fuel companies, right-wing plutocrats, and petro-states — and outlines a plan for forcing our governments and corporations to wake up and make real change.