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Unleash the power of Cummins

Translation into plain English Make engines

Perpetrator Cummins

Usage example “Our Vision: Making people's lives better by unleashing the Power of Cummins. That simple, yet ambitious, statement serves as the guiding vision for Cummins and its 54,000 employees. The Company takes pride in manufacturing technologies that serve the varied needs of its customers worldwide. To do that, Cummins unleashes the power of its employees." (Spotted by baffled former Cummins employee)

Lucy’s commentary This mission is as powerful as it is meaningless. It implies that the company exists in order to exist - its purpose is to unleash its own power. Quite how that is meant to make anyone’s life better is entirely obscure. What Cummins does is make engines, and engines, unlike, say dogs, do not need to be put on a leash.

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