The race to a trillion

Which of the American technology companies will be the first to reach the “quatro commas” club? Far from slowing down, the four closest to the $1,000,000,000,000 market capitalisation milestone have revenues and profits that are powering ahead — and they see lucrative new business opportunities opening up.

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Microsoft’s disastrous smartphone investments and status as an also-ran in search are so well known that its strengths in cloud computing are often underappreciated, yet it is growing revenues now at the fastest clip in a decade

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As Amazon extends its dominance of the fast-growing ecommerce market, and works its way into more corners of consumers’ lives, it is also expanding high-margin cloud computing and advertising businesses.

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Apple is conducting the biggest share buyback in corporate history, further enthusing investors who have been cheered by robust iPhone sales and the steady growth of revenue from services.

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The search advertising market may be 20 years old, but growth at Google has re-accelerated in the past three years. The cash pouring into its main business allows parent company Alphabet to pursue “moonshot” investments far beyond search.

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Market capitalisations are based on companies’ most recently-disclosed share counts. Read Robin Wigglesworth, the FT’s US markets editor, on why the exact moment Apple crosses $1tn may be unknowable.

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