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Biden vs Trump: live results 2020

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Presidential results based on498 out of 538 electoral college votes calledChart showing Biden (Democrat) has won 284 electoral votes and Trump (Republican) has won 214 electoral votes284Joe BidenDEMOCRAT214Donald TrumpREPUBLICAN270 to win

Electoral college votes by state


In most states, electoral votes are distributed on a winner-takes-all basis. In Maine and Nebraska, the electoral votes can be split between candidates.

House of Representatives

Chart showing House Democrats have 213 seats and Republicans have 195 seats232Outgoing House197213DEMOCRATS195REPUBLICANS02180408 out of 435 races called


Chart showing Senate Democrats have 48 seats and Republicans have 48 seats47Outgoing Senate5348DEMOCRATS48REPUBLICANS35seats not up for election5030seats not up for election31 out of 35 races called

Latest news you need to know:

Joe Biden was elected president of the US, winning the battleground state of Pennsylvania to reach the 270 votes needed to secure a majority in the electoral college.

Mr Biden also won Wisconsin and Michigan and Arizona, according to race calls by the Associated Press. Donald Trump carried Florida, Texas, Ohio, and Iowa.

Because of the many postal ballots cast in this election, some states’ complete results may not be known for days or even weeks. More than 100m Americans voted early or by post, suggesting a record turnout.

Democrats’ hopes gaining control of the Senate are fading after Republicans held on to closely fought seats in South Carolina and Iowa. Control of the Senate may come down to two Georgia elections that will be decided in run-offs in early January.

The Democrats are poised to maintain control of House of Representatives.

Are the candidates performing as expected?

Electoral votes by state

Expected Biden

Solid Democrat (203 electoral votes in total)

California called democratConnecticut called democratWashington DC called democratDelaware called democratHawaii called democratIllinois called democratMassachusetts called democratMaryland called democratMaine (Statewide) called democratMaine (District 1) called democratNew Jersey called democratNew Mexico called democratNew York called democratOregon called democratRhode Island called democratVirginia called democratVermont called democratWashington called democrat

Leaning Democrat (23 electoral votes in total)

Colorado called democratMinnesota called democratNew Hampshire called democrat

Toss-up (187 electoral votes in total)

Arizona called democratNebraska (District 2) called democratMichigan called democratWisconsin called democratFlorida called republicanIowa called republicanOhio called republicanTexas called republicanMaine (District 2) called republicanPennsylvania called democratGeorgia Not yet calledNorth Carolina Not yet calledNevada Not yet called

Expected Trump

Leaning Republican (48 electoral votes in total)

Indiana called republicanKansas called republicanMissouri called republicanMontana called republicanSouth Carolina called republicanUtah called republicanAlaska Not yet called

Solid Republican (77 electoral votes in total)

Alabama called republicanArkansas called republicanIdaho called republicanKentucky called republicanLouisiana called republicanMississippi called republicanNorth Dakota called republicanNebraska (Statewide) called republicanNebraska (District 1) called republicanNebraska (District 3) called republicanOklahoma called republicanSouth Dakota called republicanTennessee called republicanWest Virginia called republicanWyoming called republican

Which states have flipped?

States won by Joe Biden that Donald Trump won in 2016

Arizona11 delegates
Nebraska (District 2)1 delegates
Michigan16 delegates
Wisconsin10 delegates
Pennsylvania20 delegates

No states have been won by Donald Trump that Hillary Clinton won in 2016


The FT 2020 results page displays US presidential, Senate and House races as called by the Associated Press. We categorise states into “expected” categories based on pre-election polls. States where the difference in poll numbers between Biden and Trump is more than 10 percentage points are classified as states we expect to be solidly in favour of one candidate. States where the race is within 5 percentage points and states that Trump won by less than a percentage point in 2016 are classified as expected ‘toss-up’ states. If a state had less than two polls in the 60 days prior to election day, we use the Cook Political Report Electoral College Ratings to assign it a rating. We consider Cook’s ‘likely’ and ‘lean’ states ‘leaning’.

Party breakdown numbers for the outgoing Senate include two Independents who caucus with Democrats as Democrats. Party breakdown numbers for the outgoing House of Representatives do not include five vacant seats and one Libertarian. Historical presidential results data comes from the Federal Election Commission and Daily Kos.

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