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In her weekly Financial Times column and her annual Guff/Golden Flannel Awards, Lucy Kellaway has been prosecuting corporate crimes against the English language for two decades.

The Guffipedia houses the finest drivel from this archive - as well as fresh twaddle submitted by readers and certified by Lucy.

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Latest guff added on July 25, 2016
Vox populi risk events»

Translation into plain English Riots

“Citi has quantified the frequency of vox populi risk events, examining elections, mass demonstrations and other political events in the countries comprising the MSCI Developed Markets and Emerging Markets universes since the 2011 Arab Spring, and compared them to similar developments in the previous decade, in an effort to produce the first empirical research on this topic.”

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Translation into plain English Thought control

"[Banks need] 'right-culturing' to ensure that the approach to attracting, developing and retaining talent is appropriate to an organization that has an increasingly diverse international footprint."

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